Projects and Work

Certificates MCP Microsoft Certified Professional (2006)

LPIC-2 by the Linux Professional Institute (2006)
Freelance Work
System and Network Administration

My current work includes the network administration of companies located within the
BioTechnikum and of the WITENO GmbH

Programming in Java and Delphi


The project Multidimensional Symbolic Analysis of EEG-Data where I collaborated in, is a software project indented to provide tools for an efficient and flexible analysis of EEG data using mathematical methods of nonlinear multidimensional analysis of time series.

The program is mainly developed in Java and some modules are available in Delphi.

The software is used in the Department of Pediatric Medicine at the University of Greifswald.

Project NASA

The project NASA from the Deutsche Post had the aim to deliver wrong addressed mailings from abroad to the correct addressee.

The project was from 1999 until 2000. My part was the design and development of the database. This was realised using ORACLE and PL/SQL.

Development of Websites

Uhren und Schmuck Greifswald Katharina Wittfeld - Fotografie


My former work at company DECODON

Development of Protecs


Protecs is an information system that supports teams of life science researchers in conducting proteomics studies. With Protecs you can organize all relevant data in one central location and make it available on the intranet or publish it on the internet.

The software is distributed by the company DECODON GmbH.

Protecs is based on the post-relational database Caché from Intersystems

Protecs was used among others at the Divison of Microbial Physiology and Molecular Biology and at the Functional Genomics Lab of the University of Greifswald.

Further Projects
During my studies at the university I had the following tasks:

  • Administration of the network of the group Stochastics and Fractals of the Greifswald University (Solaris, Linux und Windows based Computers) (until October 2002)
  • Administration of the Sun-Solaris Server at the Faculty of Law and Economics (until April 2001)
  • Collaboration in the research project Töluspá (from 1999 until 2000) at the Nordic Institute
  • Adapting and development of the Research Database of the University of Greifswald using PL/SQL and PHP (until April 2001)
  • Technical administration of the university calendar of the University of Greifswald by Heiko Werner (November 1998 until April 2001)


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